What we do

Citygreen offers a premium quality indoor plant hiring service for offices, showrooms, retail and hospitality businesses, bodies corporate and executive homes. Not being a franchise operator or part of a multi-city operation, we are dedicated to Brisbane and surrounds.

We serve the entire Brisbane metropolitan area as well as the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay Regional Council area, Logan City, Ipswich City, Gold Coast City, Tweed and Byron Shires.

Firstly, we install plants and planters for you. Secondly, we maintain them fortnightly to ensure they remain looking lush and healthy within your premises. Due to your plants not being exposed to nature they won’t thrive forever inside. As part of our quality service package, Citygreen will change over any plant that is failing to thrive in its position. We will also re-install plants if you require a ‘new look’ for your premises.


Lush Indoor Plants

Citygreen stocks the highest quality tropical plants in our nursery. We purchase only from the best wholesale production nurseries in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


Quality Planters

Citygreen planters are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. We can provide modern shapes, classical styles, terracotta, granite pots, tabletop planters or trough planters.


Reliable Service

Your plants are maintained regularly by us. They will be trimmed, cleaned and watered keeping them looking vigourous and attractive in their desired position.